Somewhere between reality, the unexplained and the unseen that surrounds us, the world of the Serpent Seed is shaped by the genres of fantasy, science fiction and horror–as well as the social, environmental, political, ethical, religious, scientific and technological concerns that face humanity today.

As a teenager in the eighties, Holden Gates attains an esoteric relic, known to the ancient Ya-O-Gah people of New York state’s Mohawk Valley, as the Serpent Seed. This item becomes the focus of Holden’s life, responsible for giving birth to a dynasty of descendants who will change the world for better and for worse.

When Holden harnesses the energy of the Serpent Seed to create sentient, plant based technology, their lives are threatened by people who never want the technology to reach its potential.  However, the gravest danger to Holden and his family, is lurking in the shadows, coveting the Serpent Seed, stopping at nothing to possess it.

The stories in the Serpent Seed series will explore the past, present and future of the life and times of Holden Gates and his bloodline of descendants and ancestors.

The Serpent Seed is an evolving story that is told across multiple media platforms and is designed to exponentially grow with little to no repetition.

Starting off as an acclaimed webcomic called Gates, presented by Heavy Metal Magazine, the Serpent Seed series has evolved into motion book format on Madefire, continuing the story of Gates and his ancestors. The Serpent Seed is the first Transmedia series created for the Madefire motion book platform and is stylistically unique in that it is designed to be more of a cinematic experience than a traditional comic book.

In addition to the Madefire series, the Serpent Seed will be living and breathing all over the internet on websites as well as extending to different social media platforms like deviantART, twitter, youtube and more.


The Serpent Seed is Produced by Catmonkey Studios