April 29, 2014 (Los Angeles, CA) – Catmonkey studios announced today the launch of a transmedia production, The Serpent Seed, the prequel to Heavy Metal Magazine’s Gates online comic. The property kicks off with Unthinkable Complexity, a real-world, immersive, cyberpunk event in Los Angeles on May 24, held at Wyrd Con 5. The event will be co-produced with TransmediaLA and sponsored in part by DigitalLA.

As the age of the cyberpunk dawns upon society, Unthinkable Complexity celebrates the future of humanity through an experiential event that will engage participants with music, virtual reality technology, art, performance and more. This event is the first of its kind to celebrate the philosophy of the Los Angeles cyberpunk community.

Attendees are asked to dress in cyberpunk-inspired attire. Cosplay welcome but not required.

The Serpent Seed, as well as Unthinkable Complexity, will purposefully blend real-world, fictional and seeded elements, including events, information and commentary, across multiple media in order to convey its story. Unthinkable Complexity is an exploration in experiential storytelling and attendees will have the unique opportunity to become part of the Serpent Seed story to be produced by Catmonkey after the conclusion of the event. Video content and other artistic elements used and recorded at Unthinkable Complexity will be used for production of the larger narrative.

Unthinkable Complexity is the official launch of Catmonkey’s The Serpent Seed, the prequel to the Gates online comic, which was originally presented as Heavy Metal Magazine’s acclaimed first online comic in 2011.

Virtual reality experiences will be provided by Outerbody Labs, in addition to what has been hailed as one of the Oculus Rift’s best launch titles, Darknet.

Music is to be provided by DJ Amanda Jones, known for spinning Alternative music in many of Hollywood’s premiere nightclubs, including residencies at Bar Sinister, Das Bunker, Malediction Society, and The Church Dallas.

Model, actress and cosplayer Victoria Paege will make a special appearance.

Discount tickets to the event, as well as limited edition trade paperback copies of Gates, can be found at until May 8.

A limited number of free tickets are being given away on the Unthinkable Complexity Facebook page:

About the Serpent Seed:
Gates belongs to The Serpent Seed universe, and debuted on January 1, 2011, as Heavy Metal Magazine’s first online comic. The webcomic has since transitioned under the Catmonkey studios umbrella. The Serpent Seed universe will officially launch as a cyberpunk themed event, Unthinkable Complexity, on May 24, in Los Angeles.

Created by Hal Hefner, The Serpent Seed, focuses on Holden Gates, and his teenage daughter Eva Gates.  As a teenager in the nineteen eighties, Holden Gates attains an esoteric relic, known to the ancient Ya-O-Gah tribe of New York state’s Mohawk Valley, as the Serpent Seed. The powerful artifact becomes the focus of Holden’s life, during which he gives birth to a dynasty of descendants who will change the world for better and for worse.

The stories in The Serpent Seed series will explore the past, present and future of the life and times of Holden Gates and his bloodline of descendants and ancestors, in a variety of formats and artistic styles. The Serpent Seed is an evolving transmedia story that is to be told across multiple media platforms and is designed to exponentially grow with little to no repetition. There will also be various opportunities for fans to participate in the stories and the universe itself.

The Serpent Seed is the first transmedia property created by Catmonkey studios, which will be living and breathing all over the internet in comic books, motion comic books and on various content filled websites/platforms, as well as extending across multiple social media platforms like deviantART, Twitter, YouTube, and more.






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